Early Childhood Program FAQ

1. How old does a child need to be to enroll in Edgewood ISD?
Students who will be three years old by September 1, 2021, may be eligible to enroll in Edgewood Head Start.
Students who will be four years old by September 1, 2021, may be eligible to enroll in Edgewood Head Start or in the Pre-Kindergarten Program located on several elementary campuses.

2. Where are Head Start and other Pre-K classes located?
Head Start classes for three and four-year-olds are located at Cardenas Early Childhood Center, Loma Park Elementary, and Stafford Early Childhood Center.
Pre-Kindergarten classes are located at the following elementary schools: Cisneros (English and Spanish), H.B. Gonzalez (English and Spanish), Las Palmas (English), Johnson (English), Loma Park (English and
Spanish), and Perales (English and Spanish).
Pre-K 4 SA also offers Pre-K classes in Edgewood (English and Spanish) at Gardendale Early Learning Program.

3. What if Pre-K is not offered at my home campus?
Parents may apply for their child to attend Pre-K at one of the other district campuses.

4. What documents are needed to apply?
The following documentation is needed for any student applying to one of the Pre-Kindergarten programs: Birth certificate, proof of residence, parent ID, child’s immunization record, and proof of income (current pay stub, tax return if self-employed, current SNAP, or TANF eligibility letter). Additional documents may be needed based on specific programs or qualifying criteria.

5. How do I apply?
Take the above documents to any elementary school or early childhood center to complete enrollment paperwork. If you are missing a document but still would like to apply, go to the school and start the registration process. School staff should be available on campus daily beginning the last week of July. Parents interested in registering before then may register at the Emma Frey Center for any of the elementary schools. Head Start and PreK4SA have staff available at their sites: Stafford ECC and Cardenas ECC – Monday thru Thursday or at the Head Start City Offices at 1227 Brady on Fridays, and Gardendale- Tuesday thru Thursday throughout the summer for enrollment. In August all sites will have registration staff available throughout the week.

6. How does a child qualify to attend the Pre-K program?
Most students qualify based on being unable to speak or comprehend the English language or being economically disadvantaged. Students may also qualify if they are homeless, a child of active duty armed forces member who is ordered to duty or has been killed while on active duty, has ever been in the conservatorship of the Texas foster care system, or is the child of a person eligible for the Texas Star.
Eligibility for Head start is based on family income is at or below the federal poverty level. Families with circumstances such as homelessness, children in foster care, or receiving TANF or SSI may also qualify for services.

7. Does the district accept out-of-district students?
Out of district students who are the children of full-time Edgewood employees may apply to attend Pre-Kindergarten in EISD. Other out-of-district students may apply to attend the Gardendale Pre-K 4 SA Early Learning Program. Head Start students must be Edgewood residents unless they transfer from our partner program in SAISD.

8. Are services provided for bilingual students?
Bilingual classes are offered at Stafford Early Childhood Center, Cardenas Early Childhood Center, Cisneros, Gonzalez, Loma Park, Perales, and Gardendale. Parents will complete a Home Language Survey when enrolling their child. If a language other than English is indicated on the survey, the child will be tested to see if he or she belongs in a bilingual classroom.

9. What should a parent do if their child has special needs?
Contact the home campus to register. When applying to bring in any paperwork related to the child’s needs. Additional help may be requested through ChildFind through the District Special Education Department at 210-898-2000.

10. Is transportation provided?
Transportation varies according to the program. Head Start students may be provided transportation from their home campus if they live more than 2 miles from their Head Start site. Pre-K 4 SA offers some transportation in its program, as well. Transportation to the other elementary campuses is not currently offered. Contact the program or school you are interested in for specific details.

11. What if the class is already full at the home campus?
 Spaces do fill up, if there is no space at the home campus, another Edgewood site will be offered.

12. Are all programs full-day classes?
Yes, regardless of the program that is selected, all students attend the entire instructional day.

13. Does Edgewood accept Pre-K students on a tuition basis?
Currently, the district does not accept students on a tuition basis in the regular Pre-K program. Parents may contact Pre-K 4 SA to see if this option is available.

Note: This FAQ has attempted to provide you with general information about the Pre-Kindergarten programs offered in Edgewood ISD. Each program has slightly different requirements, but campus staff can assist you in completing appropriate paperwork and securing a spot for your child in the program best suited to your needs.

The Early Childhood Department can be reached at (210) 898-2043 with any questions.